London Rhinoplasty Course 2018


Techniques in Rhinoplasty with an Integrated ENT-Plastics Approach

Saturday 3rd November 2018, Royal Society of Medicine, London

London Rhinoplasty Course 2018 is a one day, CPD certified course, designed for all surgeons who would like to update their skills and knowledge.


The programme will provide updates, new insights and practical tips to improve surgical practice. A combination of plenary lectures, panel discussions and video techniques will be used throughout the day.


We look forward to welcoming everyone to London Rhinoplasty Course 2018 on 3rd November 2018.

Highlights will include:

  1. Videos on open rhinoplasty
  2. Videos on closed rhinoplasty 
  3. Septoplasty made simple 
  4. Mr Francis Peart will discuss his lifetime experience in rhinoplasty 
  5. Solving complications after rhinoplasty 
  6. How to run a rhinoplasty practice 
  7. Fillers in rhinoplasty
  8. Face surgery: ancillary procedures for the chin and lips
  9. Panel discussions  

Topics for panel discussion:

  1. Functional assessment
  2. Caudal septal deviation
  3. Spreader grafts, when and how?
  4. Which approach?
  5. Dorsal grafting
  6. Osteotomies
  7. Cartilage depleted patient 
  8. Tip problems
  9. Revision
  10. Imaging
  11. Difficult patients


 Rajan Uppal



 Nick Eynon-Lewis